​When the Professional Becomes Personal

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: Addiction therapists work every day to help their clients get on the road to recovery.
Air Date: 6/23/16
Duration: 27
Guest Bio: Angelina Gripp, ASW
Angelina GrippAngelina Gripp, ASW, is co-host of The Recovery Show and an Associate Clinical Social Worker and Therapist as well as the Clinical Director for Tres Vistas Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in San Clemente, California.

Angeilna began her practice as a primary therapist and art therapist in addiction and mental health in 2014. She holds a Masters Degree in social work from USC with a major in mental health and a Bachelor of Science Degree in psychology.

She is an accomplished artist and published author. She is the mother of a teenage son who has struggled with addiction and who is now living a successful, sober life.

In addition to her education and clinical experience, Angelina incorporates an understanding of a sober lifestyle in her day-to-day living, giving her an even deeper understanding of the struggle of addiction from both an individual and a family perspective.

She brings to the table her own special Aussie attitude to the show, breaking down the topics in a real way... the way you want to hear them.
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​When the Professional Becomes Personal
What happens when an addiction therapist needs to help a family member plagued by addiction?

Angelina Gripp is the Clinical Director for Tres Vistas Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in San Clemente, California, and the co­host of The Recovery Show on Southern California's KOCI, 101.5 FM.

She also has a teenage son who has struggled with addiction and is now living a successful, sober life.

Angelina explains how her professional training and experience helped her with an intensely personal fight against addiction.

She also discusses the role of families in treatment, as well as how she brings her unique personal understanding of addiction into her everyday work with clients.