​How Authenticity & Forgiveness Can Improve Your Life

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: Authenticity and forgiveness can improve your life in so many ways.
Air Date: 7/7/16
Duration: 27
Guest Bio: David Rachford, Creator of the Better Human Show
David RachfordDavid Rachford is the creator and host of the Better Human Show, a podcast that takes a holistic view of personal development, health and fitness, as well as relationships and giving back to our world community. 

His message is about getting clear on our values and staying true to the gut compass. 

He's an avid hiker, dedicated yogi, and committed doggie dad, living in Santa Barbara, California.
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​How Authenticity & Forgiveness Can Improve Your Life
Authenticity: what is it, who has it, and how do you get it?

Most people associate authenticity with being true to oneself or “walking the walk.”

Authenticity is one of the core principles of Rewired Radio.

It's important to be true to yourself. David Rachford is an example of how authenticity improves our lives in so many ways.

David is the creator and host of the Better Human Show, which takes a holistic view of health and wellness. David shares his inspiring journey to connect with his true self, and how he uses his “gut compass” to guide himself through life.

He also explains how his journey to get in touch with his true self helped put him on a path of openness, forgiveness, and happiness.