How to Fall in Love with Yourself

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: Learn how you can holistically recharge and replenish yourself.
Air Date: 9/26/16
Duration: 27
Guest Bio: Nicole Coggiola, CIHC
Nicole-CoggiolaNicole Coggiola is a plant food-loving Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach, and founder of The Nourished Goddess. Her mission is to teach modern day women how to embody their inner Goddess through real food, spirituality, pleasure and guiltless indulgence so they can fall head over heels in love with themselves. Since April 2010, she’s been on a health journey of self-recovery and is passionate about helping women break out of the restrictive, yo-yo diet cycle.

Nicole is certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Through her transformative coaching, Nicole guides women to reconnect with their intuition, holistically recharge their lives with whole foods and self-care rituals, and develop a new normal for their everyday life.
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How to Fall in Love with Yourself
Most of us are preoccupied with finding the love of our lives.

But, what we may not realize is that falling in love with ourselves has to come first.

Nicole Coggiola is the founder of The Nourished Goddess, and her mission is to help women understand how enjoying real food, cultivating spirituality, and embracing pleasure and guiltless indulgence can help them fall head over heels in love: with themselves.

Nicole discusses creating a healthy sense of self from within and the importance of self care. She also shares tips for how you can holistically recharge and replenish yourself.