7 Tips for Vitality

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Summary: Vitality is the secret to a long and happy life.
Air Date: 10/17/16
Duration: 27
Guest Bio: Lamees Khorshid, PsyD, BCB, BCN
Lamees-Korshid croppedLamees Khorshid, PsyD, BCB, BCN, is a Clinical Health Psychologist in Los Angeles, California. She serves in the public and private sector as a Coach and Consultant for individuals, families, executive leaders, and top athletes. Dr. Khorshid is also a public speaker for various hospitals and corporations. She is a professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles, California. She holds certifications in Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and Medical Hypnosis. She completed her Health Psychology postdoctoral residency at the Cleveland Clinic, a world leader in medical excellence.

Dr. Khorshid has given various national and international presentations in Peak Performance, Health and Happiness. Areas of specialization include performance coaching, corporate wellness, happiness, relationships, stress management, positive psychology, weight management, energy enhancement, insomnia treatment, pain management, biofeedback, healthy living, achieving goals, and overcoming resistance.

Dr. Khorshid utilizes techniques of motivational interviewing, biofeedback, and cognitive-behavioral therapy to foster success in personal, professional, and relationship goals.
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7 Tips for Vitality
Vitality is the secret to a long and happy life.

In today’s fast-paced world, it can often be hard to find the time and energy to live a truly zestful life, but we all have the potential to enjoy the fruits of vitality.

Dr. Lamees Khorshid is a psychologist who helps her clients harness their potential and begin enjoying more energetic, exuberant, and passionate lives.

In this segment, she shares seven tips we can all follow that will enhance vitality.