Transforming Anger & Fear into Productive Energy

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: Anger can profoundly affect your life.
Air Date: 10/24/16
Duration: 27
Guest Bio: Todd Stumbo, CEO of Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center
Todd-StumboTodd Stumbo is a Board Certified Humans Services Practitioner, a National and State Certified Addiction Counselor, Relapse Prevention Specialist, Certified Anger Management Specialist and Certified Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Instructor. He has over a decade of experience in addiction and currently is the Chief Executive Officer at Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center, a short-term intensive residential facility in Ball Ground, GA, that targets males and females ages 18 and up. He specializes in employee training and growth as well as program development and expansion. He is skilled in individual and group therapy focusing on education of the disease of addiction, the recovery process and relapse prevention. He also is versed at anger management counseling and public speaking. Todd has managed teams as small as three employees and as large as 57 employees/50 clients. He has lead them in developing and adhering to day to day activities/schedules, clinical modalities, operational demands, addiction and recovery education and requirements by multiple regulatory agencies.

Todd has helped transform not only the clinical programming at Blue Ridge but also the culture. He has helped staff see that how they treat each other and the clients is just as or even more important than the treatment they provide. He has been vital to the growth of Blue Ridge and was rewarded by Acadia Healthcare in December 2015 by being given the role as Chief Executive Officer. Todd’s story of adversity, passion and commitment to a cause has launched him forward in his career and has been well received by those around him including the leadership at Acadia.
Transforming Anger & Fear into Productive Energy
When it comes to the feelings food chain, anger is right at the top.

It devours our lives, making us lose sight of the fact that anger often stems from feelings of fear and sadness.

Anger can profoundly affect your life, and if you don’t get to know it, understand it, and get to the root of where it’s coming from, you will never free yourself from its negative energy.

Todd Stumbo is a Board Certified Humans Services Practitioner and a Certified Anger Management Specialist. Todd explains how you can work through your anger and also offer tips for transforming anger and fear into productive and positive energy in your life and relationships.