How Technology Can Help Fight Addiction

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: Learn how your smartphone can help beat alcohol and drug addiction.
Air Date: 11/21/16
Duration: 26:37
Guest Bio: Harold Jonas, PhD, LMHC, CAP
Harold-JonasWith nearly 30 years of professional experience, Dr. Harold Jonas is well-known in the addiction and recovery industry. Based in Delray Beach, Florida, he’s a practicing Psychotherapist and Licensed Therapist. He also has an extensive tech background, since 1999, with experience in web development and creating award-winning mobile apps. Dr. Jonas is responsible for the concept, design and launch of multiple online directories serving the addiction and recovery industry including, most notably, In 2012 he designed, developed and launched “Sobersystems” a Mobile Accountability app for increasing compliance and reducing recidivism for substance abuse treatment.

Following the success of Sobersystems, Dr. Jonas designed and developed the mobile app “Reminderz” for the pharmaceutical industry, specifically designed for the evolving changes in Patient Engagement and Patient Retention.

In 2014, the Reminderz app was awarded First Place in a global contest sponsored by UBC, Eli Lilly and Enlight Biosciences. Most recently in 2016, Dr. Jonas designed, developed and launched FlexDek MAT Edition, a first-of-its-kind adaptable mobile app designed to combat the raging national epidemic of opiate addiction. This unique app works to increase client compliance by introducing rewards for its use and helps to reduce relapses which often require re-hospitalization. FlexDek MAT Edition won First Place as best new app in a nationwide Opioid Recovery App Challenge sponsored by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in July 2016.
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How Technology Can Help Fight Addiction
We use our phones for everything today: sending messages, making calls, playing games, dating.

And, now we can use them to help us fight drug and alcohol addiction.

Dr. Harold Jonas is a psychotherapist who has created award-winning mobile apps dedicated to helping people stay sober and prevent relapses.

Dr. Jonas discusses what drove him to develop mobile apps focused on addiction. He also explains the science behind his most recent app, FlexDek, which is specifically designed to combat our growing opiate addiction epidemic.