Power of Second Chances

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Summary: Have you ever tried something once, hated it, and resolved never to do it again? For many people, that’s a natural reaction.
Air Date: 1/30/17
Duration: 26:18
Guest Bio: Chidimma Ozor, founder of theTYPEAhippie
Chidimma-OzorChidimma Ozor, founder of theTYPEAhippie, is an Intuitive Coach & Educator, writer, podcaster and advocate. She recently and reluctantly started a podcast to change the conversation around sexual assault and domestic violence, mental illness and substance use disorder (which is also named alcoholism and addiction), which has segued into various conversations about race/gender/the sexuality spectrum/self-care and more.

Before that, about 10 years ago, she went to her first yoga class and hated it. She then had a significant spiritual experience and awakening a month later. Six months after the first yoga class, she tried it again and it was as if the student was ready and the teacher appeared. A year after her second yoga class she was a certified yoga teacher, the first of many yoga and other health and wellness certifications.

Incorporating a yoga-inspired lifestyle has led her to make several radical changes in her life. As a true wellness warrior, she yearns to inspire change in others, much in the same way others have inspired change in her.

Her desire for yoga specifically and wellness in general is to transcend all boundaries and be accessible to all. Hopefully you enjoy your own health and wellness with your yoga mat as a backdrop.

She is the founder of theTYPEAhippie which is soul and Divine inspired intuitive coaching practice that utilizes prayer and meditation, essential oils, yoga therapy, exercise and movement, nutrition, community and love to empower you to thrive.

Chidimma means God is good in Igbo, a Nigerian language.
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Power of Second Chances
Have you ever tried something once, hated it, and resolved never to do it again?

For many people, that’s a natural reaction.

Chidimma Ozor took a different approach.

Ten years ago she tried a yoga class and hated it. Fast forward a month and, after a significant spiritual experience, Chidimma tried yoga again and it opened up a completely new path in her life.

Chidimma is now a certified yoga instructor and a “wellness warrior,” who yearns to inspire change in others.

She joins Erica to discuss her work as founder of theTYPEAhippie and share how she helps her clients face their lives empowered and ready to thrive.