What Does an Alcoholic Look Like?

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: When you imagine an alcoholic, what do you see?
Air Date: 6/5/17
Duration: 26:45
Host: Erica Spiegelman
Guest Bio: Martha Carucci, Author
Martha-CarucciMartha Carucci is an author/blogger who lives in Alexandria, VA, with her husband and three children.

She spent many years as a lobbyist for the telecommunications industry and is currently the Executive Director of the National Breast Center Foundation. She studied at the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard and Georgetown.

Martha’s first book, Sobrietease, was the #1 New Release on Amazon for Alcoholism and Recovery. She is preparing to release her second book this Fall and is currently writing a novel.

Martha Carucci has appeared on numerous television and radio shows, including Great Day Washington, The Dee Armstrong Show, The Chad Benson Show and the Mike Schikman Show. Her writing has been featured in,, Party Digest, and The Tamed Cynic.

She speaks to various groups and audiences about alcoholism and her recovery.

Martha was recently awarded the City of Alexandria Commission for Women’s “Women’s Health and Safety Advocate Award.” She is an avid golfer and tennis player and active volunteer in the community.
What Does an Alcoholic Look Like?
When you imagine an alcoholic, what do you see?

Many of us probably wouldn’t guess that a successful, busy, suburban mom may also be struggling with addiction.

Martha Carucci knows that appearance can be deceiving. Martha shares her firsthand experience coming to grips with her addiction and learning how to balance her sobriety with her job, marriage, and kids.

She also discusses her book Sobrietease, which is a unique look at the power of owning your own story.
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