Encore Episode: ​Sexual Assault: The Crisis Sweeping the Nation

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: Why are ​incidents of sexual assault and drug-­assisted rapes becoming more prevalent?
Air Date: 8/20/18
Duration: 10 Minutes
Guest Bio: ​Danielle Delaney
attachment-1Danielle Delaney is a Certified Crisis Intervention Counselor, specialist in Addiction & Recovery Aftercare, Rape Crisis Counselor, and is also a Sober Coach and an Interventionist. She also specializes in the area of Adults Molested as Children as well as GLBT issues and drug­-assisted rape and survivors of domestic violence. 

Danielle works with individuals, families and couples seeking healing and resolution of their challenges, and helps them to more clearly see the path to their holistic wellness and to their higher selves. Danielle is the President and CEO of a sober companioning business, Danielle Delaney Counseling, Inc. 

The company provides nurses and companions to people as they are being discharged from inpatient facilities and sober living homes, so that they may have invaluable assistance in beginning their lives again with structure. 

The companion aids in identifying and addressing stumbling blocks in the client’s lives that contributed to their difficulties and addictions. Danielle holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCLA and has earned additional certifications at the Sexual Assault Crisis Agency in Orange County. 

As a survivor herself, she is uniquely qualified to understand and assist her clients. Through her work and contributions, Danielle is dedicated to assisting people in affecting enduring and beneficial changes in their lives and in making sense of the chaotic world around them.
Encore Episode: ​Sexual Assault: The Crisis Sweeping the Nation
​Incidents of sexual assault and drug-­assisted rapes have been on the rise — from high profile cases such as the allegations against Bill Cosby to reports of drug­-assisted rape on college campuses. 

Erica and guest Danielle Delaney explore what is happening and why this is becoming a disturbing trend. 

They also talk about how to heal after a sexual assault, how to feel less alone, and why it is important to share your story. 

Learn about resources available to survivors of sexual assault who are working to process what happened and looking to heal from the trauma they have experienced.