Senior Moment?

From the Show: Talk Healthy Today
Summary: Are senior moments really part of the normal process of aging?
Air Date: 8/16/16
Duration: 27
Guest Bio: Brenda Fonseca, Global Cognition Manager, Kemin Human Nutrition & Health
Brenda Fonseca is the Global Cognition Manager for Kemin Human Nutrition and Health.  She has over two decades of experience conducting research on the neurobiology of learning and memory and working as a professor in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and psychological science.  

Brenda has her master’s in behavioral neuroscience and has numerous publications on the topic. She has been invited to speak at conferences around the world and is an advocate for public education on healthy brain aging.
Senior Moment?
Oh, those senior moments.

Yes, they can be frustrating, but are they really part of the normal process of aging?

To a certain extent, they are.

Here’s why: as we age blood flow to the brain decreases, causing our brain to utilize oxygen and protein less efficiently. In addition, aging brain cells don’t communicate with each other as well as they once did, making it harder for the brain to process thoughts, retain short-term memory, and create new cells.

But, having an occasional memory lapse or needing more time to process new information doesn’t always mean that your brain is suffering from old age.

Brenda Fonseca from Kemin Human Nutrition and Health joins Dr. Jeff to discuss how aging impacts cognition and memory, as well as other factors that can temporarily knock us off your mental edge.