Avoid Prescription Drug Pitfalls & Addiction

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Summary: Conditions like anxiety, pain and insomnia can all lead to prescription drug addiction... even in the most "normal" of individuals.
Air Date: 2/14/17
Duration: 24:26
Guest Bio: David Foreman, aka "The Herbal Pharmacist"
David-ForemanDavid Foreman, aka "The Herbal Pharmacist," shifted from traditional pharmacist to herbal pharmacist because he realized the vital role natural medicine plays in all health outcomes.

David’s focus is to use all forms of media to educate on the benefits of herbs, vitamins, healthy lifestyle choices and the role they play in health.

He is currently a part of the Scientific Advisory Board for Organic & Natural Health Association. His 4 Pillars of Health have helped thousands achieve the health they seek.
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Avoid Prescription Drug Pitfalls & Addiction
Conditions like anxiety, pain and insomnia can all lead to prescription drug addiction... even in the most "normal" of individuals.

In fact, statistics indicate that the number of Americans abusing painkillers and other prescription medications is 1.5 times greater than those suffering from any type of cancer.

Hydrocodone is one of the biggest "gateway" drugs that may lead to more dangerous substances (and one that is most easily prescribed).

There is a time and place for pharmaceutical pain options, but too often medications are prescribed too often and in a much larger quantity than may be needed. The "take as needed" instruction many times gets lost.

David Foreman, aka "The Herbal Pharmacist," provides the following alternative methods to address the need for prescription medications.

Passion flower acts as a "chill pill" to help take the edge off. 
Reishi helps the body adapt to emotional stressors. It takes a bit of time to build up in your body, so aim to take on a daily basis.

Passion flower or Valerian root are both great options for easing insomnia.
Melatonin is helpful for travel-induced insomnia, as well as in aging individuals and the decline of your body's natural melatonin production. 

Celadrin can be used both topically and orally. This ingredient can also help with sleeplessness due to pain. 

Remember, it's important to look at the underlying causes of your symptoms, whether you're using prescription aids or herbal/natural supplements. Otherwise, you're only masking the issue.

Listen in as David joins host Lisa Davis to discuss the current state of prescription drug abuse and addiction, as well as ways you can avoid falling into that trap.

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