Yoga for Dudes

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Summary: Yoga pants aren't just for women. Well, maybe the pants are, but certainly not yoga classes.
Air Date: 5/9/17
Duration: 18:18
Host: Lisa Davis
Guest Bio: Jake Panasevich
Jake-PanasevichDrawing from over seven intensive trainings, Jake Panasevich threads the most beneficial practices from different modalities into a unique yoga experience for inflexible, stressed, over-worked regular Americans.

Jake is a yoga and wellness mentor and teacher to a large, committed group of beginners and advanced students alike. With a strong wrestling, coaching and writing background, Jake inspires students to get committed, get stronger and learn to love life and flourish in it.

Jake works with:
Guys who want to live healthy and pain-free
Former athletes who are tight and injured
Those who want to avoid surgery and expensive alternatives to yoga
Those who love to be challenged in a way that supports them

Jake guides his students to reach their yoga and wellness goals. Once achieving their goals, Jake brings their yoga practice and health to a whole new level. Through a unique combination of alignment, bio-mechanics, yoga therapeutics, encouragement and sweat, Jake brings his students through radical transformation.

Along with teaching group and private classes, Jake offers larger, more advancing programs including his 8-Week Advancing Series For Dudes. Participants develop and evolve a home yoga practice uniquely designed for each individual by Jake for them, they’re brought through a progressive series of group classes and private lessons along with bi-weekly check-in calls and monthly content calls. These more meaningful, extensive programs are efficient in reaching students’ goals.

Students who want to advance and evolve their yoga practice in a way that is challenging, accessible, supportive and fun will be inspired by Jake’s teachings.
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Yoga for Dudes
Yoga pants aren't just for women.

Well, maybe the pants are, but certainly not yoga classes.

Jake Panasevich found his love for yoga after being dragged, kicking and screaming, to his first class.

As he began to practice it more regularly, Jake found that his chronic pain was eliminated, and he lost weight, slept better, and felt more connected. 

Now, Jake is an instructor who helps people of all shapes and sizes -- both men and women -- achieve the benefits that accompany yoga.

Jake's unique approach is a practical philosophy of achieving depth and connection; there's no "preaching" about it. He believes yoga doesn't have to include a spiritual or mystical element, which a lot of guys tend to get turned off by. His teachings aim for you to be a better man, dad, husband, etc., all while allowing for the physical perks.

Listen in as Jake joins host Lisa Davis to discuss his yoga philosophy, why he holds men-only "broga" courses, and how anyone can realize both physical and mental/emotional gains by practicing yoga.
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