How Cycling Can Save the World

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Summary: As the world evolves, the high cost of the automobile is made clearer... for a number of reasons.
Air Date: 5/23/17
Duration: 20:04
Host: Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Peter Walker
Peter-WalkerPeter Walker is a political correspondent for The Guardian and runs its popular bike blog.

As a news journalist he has reported from places ranging from Iraq to North Korea.

Walker has also been named one of the most 50 influential people in British cycling. He has been a regular cyclist since working as a cycle courier in London and Sydney.
How Cycling Can Save the World
Car culture has ensnared much of the world, and it's no wonder.

Convenience and comfort (as well as some clever lobbying) have made the car the transportation method of choice for generations.

But, as the world evolves, the high cost of the automobile is made clearer... with its dramatic effects on pollution, the way it cuts people off from their communities, and the alarming rate at which people are injured and killed in crashes.

Peter Walker argues that the simplest way to tackle many of these problems at once is with one of humankind's most perfect inventions: the bicycle.

In How Cycling Can Save the World, Walker takes readers on a tour of cities like Copenhagen and Utrecht, where everyday cycling has taken root, demonstrating cycling’s proven effect on reducing smog and obesity, and improving quality of life and mental health.

Interviews with public figures such as Janette Sadik-Khan, who led the charge to create more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly infrastructure in New York City, provide case studies on how it can be done, and prove that you can make a big change with just a few cycling lanes and a paradigm shift.

Meticulously researched and incredibly inspiring, How Cycling Can Save the World delivers on its lofty promise and leads readers to the realization that cycling could not only save the world, but have a lasting and positive impact on their own lives.

Listen as Peter joins host Lisa Davis to share more from the book, as well as why this is an incredibly important issue in today's society.

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