Genetic Testing to Discover Which Foods Fit You Best

From the Show: Talk Healthy Today
Summary: Learn how genetic testing can help you determine which foods will help you feel your healthiest self.
Air Date: 1/2/18
Duration: 20:32
Host: Lisa Davis
Guest Bio: Nicole Visnic, CCN
Nicole-Visnic1Nicole Visnic, CCN, is the Ambassador of Nutrition at LifeSpan medicine. Nicole is a featured speaker, media consultant and has a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, weight loss, and various other health topics for our clients. Nicole builds all the LifeSpan medicine programs for our corporate health partnerships. She is an expert in customized nutrition plans involving lifestyle modifications, diet, supplementation and exercise. She excels at helping others reach a health goal they may have from weight loss, to more energy, less inflammation or just feeling and looking better overall.

Nicole enjoys cooking, and utilizes her expertise in the kitchen to provide specialized menus and recipes for clients to fit their individual preferences, allergies and food sensitivities, and overall lifestyles. She is currently working with meal delivery programs and restaurants world wide to provide LifeSpan medicine approved meals and menus.

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Health Education from Winona State University and her Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. In addition to her Master’s degree, Nicole is a certified clinical nutritionist. She has directed corporate wellness programs and has also served as an adjunct professor of psychology at Brown Mackie College. She also practices what she preaches, adhering to a nutritious diet, and continually challenging herself by participating in rigorous events such as the LA Marathon, Orange County Duathlon and NPC Figure Competition.
Genetic Testing to Discover Which Foods Fit You Best
LifeSpan Medicine is a company that believes in a proactive, health based approach using top technologies, leading edge diagnostics and integrative, natural therapies to help you look, feel and be your best self.

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The company's experience, understanding and dedication to this approach helps us succeed where other physicians often fail.

Nicole Visnic, CCN, Ambassador of Nutrition, joins host Lisa Davis to share how LifeSpan can be an option for anyone who is focused on vitality and longevity; which can include the end of chronic pain, cancer recovery, non-invasive treatment for athletic enhancement, joint pain and joint care, cardiovascular health, anti-aging, hormone replacement or eating to reduce inflammation and so much more.