Intermittent Fasting as a Diabetes Solution

From the Show: Talk Healthy Today
Summary: Dr. Jason Fung demystifies type-2 diabetes treatment and how intermittent fasting can change a diagnosis.
Air Date: 5/25/18
Duration: 26:05
Host: Lisa Davis
Guest Bio: Jason Fung, MD
Dr. Jason FungDr. Jason Fung trained in Los Angeles and Toronto as a kidney specialist. It soon became obvious that conventional medical treatments were failing patients. The problem is obvious, in hindsight. Many of today’s medical issues are related to obesity and if you don’t deal with the root cause, the other problems don’t get better either.

Following core physiologic principles, he founded the Intensive Dietary Management Program to provide a unique treatment focus for type-2 diabetes and obesity: rather than focusing on medications, this clinic focuses on dietary changes that are simple yet effective. He pioneered the clinical use of therapeutic fasting for weight loss and type-2 diabetes reversal.

Dr. Fung is the author of The Obesity Code, The Complete Guide to Fasting and The Diabetes Code. He is also the scientific editor of the Journal of Insulin Resistance and the managing director of the non-profit organization Public Health Collaboration (Canada), an international group dedicated to promoting evidence based nutritional information.
Intermittent Fasting as a Diabetes Solution
Nutrition is a large component of healing. Conventional medicine didn’t fully address this aspect in the past.

Dr. Jason Fung discovered that giving medication didn’t make any difference in really treating type-2 diabetes. When the kidneys are suffering, the cause must be addressed.

Intermittent fasting is a dietary strategy to get excess sugar out of the body. Your body naturally burns off sugar when you don’t feed it for a period of time.

Most people fast 12 hours each day between dinner and breakfast. Intermittent fasting increases the fasting period.

Fasting isn’t easy. However, it is a natural and free way to start improving your health.

Listen as Dr. Fung joins host Lisa Davis to explain insulin, glucose, diabetic drug treatment and intermittent fasting.