What Is Pharmacy Compounding?

From the Show: The Wizard of Eyes
Summary: If you have allergies to certain ingredients or preservatives in your medication, pharmacy compounding may be right for you.
Air Date: 2/1/16
Duration: 10
Host: Robert Abel, Jr., MD
Guest Bio: Brenda Pavlic, CPhT
Brenda PavlicBrenda Pavlic has over 30 years of general pharmacy experience and specialized in sterile compounding in 2007. Since then, she has developed Delaware's only sterile compounding pharmacy practice adhering to strict State and Federal Regulations inside of SaveWay Compounding Pharmacy which also provides non-sterile compounding for both humans and animals. Some of the patient-specific preparations that are formulated in her lab include preservative-free eye drops and injectables, ophthalmic ointments, and treatment options that are not otherwise available like certain antibiotics or antivirals.

Brenda also teaches Sterile Compounding to pharmacists, technicians, doctors and nurses at American College of Apothecaries in Bartlett, Tennessee. In this course she teaches her students proper technique and procedure so as to avoid contamination and potential patient harm.
What Is Pharmacy Compounding?
Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications for patients.

SaveWay Compounding Pharmacy is a licensed pharmacy where all medications are customized formulations prepared specifically for each patient.

In other words, SaveWay does not dispense commercially available drugs. Each prescription is prepared on site with the basic chemical ingredients required by the doctor's order.

Host of The Wizard of Eyes, Dr. Robert Abel, welcomes Certified Pharmacy Technician, Brenda Pavlic, to discuss SaveWay Compounding Pharmacy and how it can customize your medication to fit your exact needs if you are allergic to certain ingredients and preservatives or require a lower dose.