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Food: You're the Boss

Summary: It's difficult to know what to trust and how to make a simple plan you can stick to. We help you sort out the fact from the fiction.
Air Date: 4/4/13
Duration: 10
Host: Dr. David Friedman
Guest Bio: Dr. Gary Epler, MD
DrEplerPhotoDr.Gary Epler, MD is an internationally-known pulmonary and critical care professor at Harvard Medical School in Boston. He has written four health books in the critically-acclaimed You're the Boss series about people taking charge of their health and disease including Manage Your Disease, BOOP, Asthma, and Food: You're the Boss. Dr. Epler's new book, Level-10 Energy will be published soon. It's about how to have a Level-10 Energy day and create lifelong energy, five energy-gaining traits of successful people, how to cure a low-energy day, and building a personal energy empire.
Food: You're the Boss
Most people who begin building a healthier lifestyle become bogged down in all the different information put out there.

It's difficult to know what to trust and how to make a simple plan you can stick to.

Gary R. Epler, M.D., has been recognized yearly from 1994-2012 in The Best Doctors in America.

He researched these claims to come up with the 5 steps to take charge of your nutrition in his newest book, Food: You're the Boss.

His belief is to eat the right foods at the right times—and he's mapped out the specifics for you!

Listen To Your Good Health Radio as he talks about these 5 steps, the good carbs, the bad carbs, and everything in between.