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New Year’s Solutions: The Secret to Achieving Your Goals

Guest : David Friedman, DC
Summary: 80% of New Year's Resolutions are broken by April. Perhaps it's time to remove the "RE" and focus on a solution.
Air Date: 1/16/14
Duration: 10
Host: Dr. David Friedman
New Year’s Solutions: The Secret to Achieving Your Goals
Whether you want to lose weight, stop smoking, quit drinking, improve your marriage or jump start your career, you may have made a list of New Year's Resolutions.

Unfortunately, statistics show that 80% of these resolutions will be broken by April.

Don't fall victim to the statistics and let that happen to you!

In this segment, Dr. David Friedman shares how to positively impact your life and make 2014 your best year ever. He shows you how to remove the "RE" from REsolution and create a New Year's Solution.