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Get Anxiety Free – Naturally

Summary: Dr. Marcey Shapiro shares tips on how to overcome anxiety using natural remedies.
Air Date: 1/16/14
Duration: 10
Host: Dr. David Friedman
Guest Bio: Marcey Shapiro, MD
drshapiro.jpgMarcey Shapiro, MD, is a family physician. She also has extensive training and experience in many areas of natural medicine including Western and Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, mind body techniques, flower essences, homeopathy, breathing techniques, nutritional therapies, Scenar® and hands on modalities including Ortho-bionomy® and Biodynamic Osteopathy. Her approach to care is patient centered and participatory.
Get Anxiety Free – Naturally
Anxiety has become an epidemic that affects nearly 20 percent of Americans.

In this segment, Dr. Marcey Shapiro joins Dr. Friedman and shares her personal struggle with anxiety and how she found her path to greater health through a diverse assortment of complementary techniques, including dietary changes, visualizations, shifting thoughts, breathing techniques and even herbs.

In her latest book, Freedom from Anxiety, Dr. Shapiro discusses hundreds of safe, practical, and effective tools and techniques to alleviate anxiety.

Learn how you can become free from anxiety in this enlightening segment.