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Dr. David Friedman offers a cutting edge approach to achieving optimal health by incorporating entertainment, shock value and solutions to everyday health and wellness issues. Each week he interviews world-renowned doctors, celebrities, sports figures and New York Times bestselling authors who all share a common goal of helping others get healthy in the sickest developed country in the world… good ole USA.

Dr. Friedman Answers Listener Questions

Summary: Dr. Friedman asnswers your questions on everything from microwaves to electric blankets, cellphone dangers and much more.
Air Date: 10/25/12
Duration: 10
Host: Dr. David Friedman
Guest Bio: David Friedman, DC
Dr David Friedman resizedDr. David Friedman is a disciplined visionary and a man of action! He is a renowned educator and lecturer in the field of nutrition. He is a Chiropractic Physician, Doctor of Naturopathy. He has received post-doctorate certification from Harvard Medical School and is a former teacher of neurology. He's a member of the Naturopathic Medical Association and has been honored in the National Who's Who directory for the past 8 years. Dr. Friedman has authored three books and written articles for several national magazines.

Dr. Friedman is the health expert for Lifetime Television's morning show "The Balancing Act" and can been seen coast to coast every Monday at 7:30 am on "The Balancing Act". Dr. Friedman is often called "The Chiropractor to the stars" because his list of patients include some of today's top celebrities and movie stars. In fact, many celebrities fly Dr. Friedman across the country to treat them because they trust no one else.

    Dr. Friedman Answers Listener Questions
    Are EMFs dangerous? In this age of electronic devices everywhere, are you putting yourself at unnecessary risk by exposing your body to these dangerous and potentially harmful EMFs? 

    Dr. David Friedman answers your questions about electric blankets, microwaves, your cellphones and so much more.