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The MD Factor Diet

Summary: Struggling with your weight even though you feel you're eating a healthy diet? Find out what you may be missing.
Air Date: 5/22/15
Duration: 10
Host: David Friedman, DC
Guest Bio: Caroline Cederquist, MD
DrCederquistDr. Caroline Cederquist, M.D., author of The MD Factor, is a board-certified weight loss physician with a specialization in nutrition, metabolism and weight management, who dedicates her professional career to healthy weight loss and management. She shares nearly two decades-worth of knowledge and treatment for weight loss, predominately correcting metabolism dysfunction. Growing up, the majority of Caroline's family members were overweight. Through her knowledge of weight management, she is proof that you can manage your genetic predispositions through healthy lifestyle changes and has encouraged her to help America incorporate health into their lifestyle. Her book breaks down the difficulties behind losing weight and reversing metabolic dysfunction. She also carries her message of health and wellness through publications in professional journals, and has appeared as a weight-management expert on several popular television shows, including Dr. Phil.
  • Book Title: The MD Factor
The MD Factor Diet

Dr. Caroline Cederquist discusses information contained in her latest book, The MD Factor Diet, which explains why your metabolism could be preventing you from losing extra pounds, despite your efforts to eat a healthy diet. 

Tune in to find out how dieting can mess with your metabolism and how to get back on track.