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Does Having ADHD Work to Your Advantage?

Summary: How can it be possible that some of the most accomplished actors, business professionals and athletes all suffer from ADHD?
Air Date: 8/20/15
Duration: 10
Host: David Friedman, DC
Guest Bio: Dale Archer, MD
Dale-ArcherA distinguished fellow of the APA and the Psychiatric Medical Director for Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, Dale Archer, MD, has treated thousands of patients over his nearly 30 years in private practice. A media veteran, he has appeared on most of the top national news shows discussing various psychological issues. His first book, Better Than Normal, was a New York Times bestseller.

In 1988, he founded The Institute for Neuropsychiatry in Lake Charles, Louisiana, a clinic which now staffs six psychiatrists and multiple psychologists, therapists and nurse practitioners, who all treat a wide variety of mental health issues.

He is now the Medical Director for psychiatric services at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital and is the psychiatric consultant for the SW Louisiana Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) program which trains police officers in how to recognize and deal with mental illness.
  • Book Title: The ADHD Advantage: What You Thought Was a Diagnosis May Be Your Greatest Strength
  • Guest Twitter Account: @DrDaleArcher
Does Having ADHD Work to Your Advantage?
What if impulsiveness, distractibility, impatience, and the other ADHD symptoms we’re dead-set on overcoming are actually disguised talents like curiosity, adventurousness, and resilience?

Might that explain why ADHD-diagnosed people are noticeably over-represented in prestigious demographics like entrepreneurs and professional baseball players?

This is the contention of Dale Archer, MD, in his newest book, The ADHD Advantage.

Dr. Archer, a board-certified psychiatrist and Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, is the New York Times bestselling author of Better Than Normal: How What Makes You Different Can Make You Exceptional and a popular source of expert psychological advice.

Dr. Archer’s unique expertise on this topic is also rooted in the fact that he, personally, has lived (and flourished) with ADHD over the course of his life and career without relying on drugs.

Listen in as Dr. Archer shares his own personal experience with ADHD, as well as how it can actually work to your advantage if you've been diagnosed.