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Are You a Diet Slave? No More!

Summary: Why do diets fail, time after time?
Air Date: 12/8/16
Duration: 19:21
Host: David Friedman, DC
Guest Bio: Svetlana Kogan, MD
Dr. Svetlana KoganSvetlana Kogan, MD, is a Cornell University graduate who practices holistic and integrative medicine at her clinic in New York City. She is the Author of Diet Slave No More!, a fun literary journey into yourself, offering readers a brand new approach to healthy living and to handling weight issues. 

A patient observer of life and an outside-the-box thinker, Dr. Kogan has pioneered her own vision of mind-body medicine, where the best of what Eastern and Western philosophies can offer, are applied towards patients’ well-being and longevity.
Are You a Diet Slave? No More!
Why do diets fail, time after time?

Even with the help of so-called weight loss centers, many individuals continually fall off the wagon and return to their former lifestyles. 

One of the problems is that diets are based on restrictions, and our minds are hard-wired to reject restrictions. 

In her new book, Diet Slave No More!, Dr. Svetlana Kogan's approach to weight loss is about YOU... a holistic plan that focuses on you as an individual. As you explore the question “What am I?” you can discover that the tools you need to create lasting change already exist within you.

Combining the best of Western and Eastern medicine, Dr. Kogan guides you on a journey that will align your mind and body.

Listen in as Dr. Kogan joins Dr. Friedman to discuss her new book and how it may finally be the answer to achieving your weight loss goals.