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Beat Belly Fat with Travis Stork, MD

Summary: Your gut microbiome has a great deal to do with your weight, specifically belly fat.
Air Date: 2/9/17
Duration: 21:45
Host: David Friedman, DC
Guest Bio: Travis Stork, MD
Travis-StorkDr. Travis Stork is an Emmy®-nominated host of the award-winning talk show The Doctors, and a board-certified emergency medicine physician. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Duke University as a member of Phi Beta Kappa and earned his MD with honors from the University of Virginia, being elected into the prestigious honor society of Alpha Omega Alpha for outstanding academic achievement.

Based on his experiences in the ER, Dr. Stork is driven to teach people how to prevent illness before it happens. As a motivational speaker on the topic of health and wellness, Dr. Stork teaches people how to achieve optimal health by focusing on the 200-plus seemingly inconsequential health decisions people make throughout each day. 

Dr. Stork is on the Medical Advisory Board for Men’s Health magazine and is the New York Times bestselling author of The Doctors’ Diet, in addition to The Lean Belly Prescription and The Doctor Is In: A 7-Step Prescription for Optimal Wellness and The Doctor’s Diet Cookbook. 

An avid outdoorsman, Dr. Stork is a devotee of mountain and road biking, whitewater kayaking and hiking with his dog.

The Doctors, now in its seventh season, won the 2010 Emmy® Award for Outstanding Talk Show/Informative and has been nominated five times in the category. In addition, Dr. Stork and his co-hosts on The Doctors received consecutive Emmy® nominations for “Outstanding Talk Show Host” in 2011 and 2012. For additional information on The Doctors, please visit
  • Book Title: The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life
  • Guest Twitter Account: @TravisStorkMD
Beat Belly Fat with Travis Stork, MD
Your gut microbiome has a great deal to do with your weight, specifically belly fat.

Dr. Travis Stork joins Dr. David Friedman to share tips on how to maintain healthy bacteria in the gut while increasing your fiber intake, which is responsible for a large component of one’s gut bacteria.

  • Instead of meat, use beans and lentils for increased fiber.
  • Eat high fiber fruits and vegetables like raspberries, blackberries, green peas, artichokes.
  • Pick a high-fiber cereal for the breakfast.
  • Try and incorporate flaxseeds into meals.
He stresses that this approach is not so much about eating less, but about eating right.

Listen in to gain a better understanding of what exactly is going on inside your gut and how it affects your weight and health.