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"Ask the Doctor" with Dr. Friedman - 8.23.18

Summary: Dr. Friedman weighs in on a few of his listeners' questions.
Air Date: 8/23/18
Duration: 22:58
Host: David Friedman, ND, DC
"Ask the Doctor" with Dr. Friedman - 8.23.18
In this "Ask the Doctor" episode, Dr. Friedman answers some of his listeners' most pressing questions. Listen in for all the details. 

I’m a long time listener and big fan of the show. The consensus of most health experts is, an apple is the healthiest fruit. Are all apples the same or is there some that are healthier than others? And, what about the sugar content in apples, is this a concern?
-Lillian, Valdosta Georgia

You share a lot on healthy eating. I’m on the road a lot and not able to eat ideally every day. What’s your opinion on vitamin supplements to fill this empty void?
-Gary, Maryland

I love bread but every diet says to avoid it. Is there any I can eat and not worry about gaining weight?
-Delores, Florence South Carolina

What’s better, juicing or eating fruits and veggies?
-Allen, Jacksonville Florida

I’m always stressed. My muscles are always tight and I clench my teeth at work. Any suggestions?
-Colleen, Brookfield Wisconsin

I have a food intolerance to several things I used to be able to eat with no problem. Why all the sudden am I not able to eat foods I used to love?
-Bryan, New York

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