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7 Days To Drink Less

Summary: According to data from the Nelson Corporation, alcohol sales have increased by over 50% during the pandemic.
Air Date: 9/8/22
Duration: 31:35
Host: David Friedman, ND, DC
Guest Bio: Georgia Foster
Georgia Foster is a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Voice Dialogue Trainer. She qualified with distinction at The London College of Clinical Hypnosis in 1996. Georgia specializes in alcohol reduction, emotional over-eating, self-esteem, anxiety, and fertility issues. Her unique and highly successful approach has helped tens of thousands of people learn how to feel better emotionally and physically.

Georgia has been featured regularly in the media in UK and Australia including Sky News, GMTV, Psychologies Magazine, and Good Housekeeping, amongst others. She is the author of six books: The Weight Less Mind, The Drink Less Mind, Drink Less in 7 Days, The 4 Secrets of Amazing Sex, The Stress Less Mind, and The Fertile Mind. Her online programs are 7 Days To Drink Less, Emotional Resilience Training, Believing In You (self-esteem), The Weight Less Mind (emotional overeating), and ESBD Families (anxiety reduction and self-esteem for kids and parents).

Georgia resides in Melbourne, Australia with her partner Ian and triplet boys Ollie, Finn and Hugh.
7 Days To Drink Less
According to data from the Nelson Corporation, alcohol sales have increased by over 50% during the pandemic. But alcohol use has always been a public health issue. 

Whether you want to drink less for mental or physical reasons, we're talking about how to do it today with Georgia Foster. She is a world-leading therapist as well as a hypnotherapist, specializing in alcohol reduction.

Georgia joins us from Australia to talk about the difference between quitting drinking and drinking less, why we become addicted to alcohol, dealing with stress without that glass of wine, and how dehydration can lead to increase alcohol intake.

Learn more about Georgia and her program 7 Days To Drink Less here.