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Healthy Lada (Latent Auto-Immune Diabetes in Adults)

Summary: More than 37 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes and 88 million have prediabetes. And everybody's heard of type one and type two diabetes, but what about type 1.5?
Air Date: 8/31/23
Duration: 18:05
Guest Bio: Jacqueline Haskins
Award-winning author and aquatic biologist Jacqueline Haskins holds an MSin Quantitative Ecology and an MFA in Creative Writing. Her work appears in Terrain, The Iowa Review, River Teeth, and many more. Jacqueline loves plunging into ice-cold mountain streams, cypress swamps, indie bookstores and craft beers. Connect on Facebook, Instagram (@healthylada), or on
  • Book Title: KICK ASS HEALTHY L ADA : How t o Thrive with Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults
Healthy Lada (Latent Auto-Immune Diabetes in Adults)
Dr. David Friedman sits down with Jacqueline Haskins, author of "Kick Ass Healthy LADA," to discuss the often overlooked and misdiagnosed form of diabetes called LADA. Haskins shares her personal experience with misdiagnosis and her motivation for raising awareness about LADA. They discuss the conflicting information surrounding diabetes and the importance of proper diagnosis. Haskins explains the difference between prediabetes and LADA, emphasizing the need for early detection. They also discuss the difference in treatment for type 2, type 1, and LADA diabetes. Haskins encourages individuals to advocate for themselves and request the antibody test for accurate diagnosis.

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