The Power of Self-Hypnosis

From the Show: Train Your Body
Summary: Have you ever tried Self Hypnosis? It may be the answer to your stress.
Air Date: 2/19/13
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Jack Singer, PhD
Mike Shot Happy resizedLicensed Clinical, Sports and Industrial/Organizational Psychologist Dr. Jack Singer, Ph.D is a noted author, trainer and consultant. A proud member of the National Speakers Association, Dr. Jack is renowned among North America's top motivational speakers and has spent twenty-five years speaking for and consulting with Fortune 1000 companies, athletes, professional associations and human resources professionals from Miami to Malaysia.
The Power of Self-Hypnosis
Self Hypnosis draws on some of the same relaxation techniques that work with meditation.

Self-hypnosis can help you to relax your body, lets stress hormones subside, and distracts your mind from unpleasant thoughts.

Learn this amazing technique with us today!