How to Stay Healthy in the Workplace

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Summary: When you sit all day at work, how can you keep yourself healthy... especially with sneezes and sniffles all around you?
Air Date: 10/28/14
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Jordan D. Metzl, MD
Dr Metzl back coverJordan D Metzl, MD, ( is a sports medicine physician at Hospital for Special Surgery, America’s premier orthopedic hospital located in New York City. Regularly voted among New York’s top sports medicine doctors by New York magazine, Dr Metzl takes care of athletic patients of all ages and lectures and teaches extensively both nationally and internationally.

With a practice of more than 20,000 patients, Dr. Metzl is widely known for his passion for sports medicine and fitness. His focus is to safely return athletes to the playing field of their choice and to keep them there. In addition to his busy medical practices in New York City and Old Greenwich, Connecticut, Dr. Metzl is the author of the bestselling titles, The Exercise Cure (Rodale 2014) and The Athlete's Book of Home Remedies (Rodale 2013) and has also authored three other books including The Young Athlete (Little Brown). Dr. Metzl is also the medical columnist for Triathlete Magazine. His upcoming book, entitled Run Your Best Life, is expected in 2015 (Rodale). His research interests include the treatment and prevention of running related injury, the effectiveness of preventive wellness programs, and the prevention of youth sport injury. Dr. Metzl appears regularly on media programs including the Today Show, on radio including National Public Radio (NPR) and in print media including the New York Times, discussing the issues of fitness and health. In addition to his busy medical practice and academic interests, he practices what he preaches. Dr. Metzl created the Ironstrength Workout, a functional fitness program for improved performance and injury prevention that he teaches in fitness venues throughout the country. The workout is featured on where it has been performed by more than nine million athletes around the world. A former collegiate soccer player, 31-time marathon runner and 12 time Ironman finisher, he lives, works, and works out in New York City.
How to Stay Healthy in the Workplace
Exercise at the workplace is becoming more popular, because it's proven to be beneficial in many ways.

Why stay active at work?

Well, for one, you'll be happier and healthier.

How do you get yourself and your employees to be motivated to keep moving?

Incentive programs work great. Competitions and rewards are a good start.

Standing at your desk, or a new trend, treadmill desks, are great ways to keep moving during your eight-hour stretch.

Listen in as Dr. Jordan D. Metzl and Melanie Cole, MS, discuss workplace fitness and all its benefits.

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