Heart Rate Monitoring 101: Learn the Basics

From the Show: Train Your Body
Summary: How can a heart rate monitor help enhance your workout?
Air Date: 11/17/15
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: George Centeio, MA
George Centeio George Centeio, MA, currently serves as the manager of Training and Education at Polar Electro, Inc. In this role, he works directly with physical education instructors, personal trainers, fitness directors, health club owners, strength and conditioning staff, and various collegiate and professional coaches across the country.

George and his staff conduct hundreds of on-line and on-site trainings annually, educating professionals on how to best utilize and incorporate heart rate based training into their respective programs. Whether he is strength training, running, or playing sports recreationally, George always trains with a heart rate monitor.
Heart Rate Monitoring 101: Learn the Basics
Within the past few years, heart rate monitoring has become a popular fitness trend.

Monitoring your heart rate can be used to measure how hard you're working during an exercise, and track changes in your fitness level. Cardiac intervals are a high-intensity option for increasing the power of the cardiac muscle and its mitochondrial density.

Why would you want to consider using this method of fitness?

Listen in as George Centeio, MA, shares the basics of heart rate monitoring.