Get Off Your Butt: Benefits of Standing Desks

From the Show: Train Your Body
Summary: How can standing desks can help fight chronic disease?
Air Date: 3/15/16
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: John Higgins, MD
John HigginsJohn P. Higgins, MD, MBA (Hons), MPHIL, FACC, FACP, FAHA, FACSM, FASNC, FSGC, is a sports cardiologist for the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center and the Harris Health System. His research interests include the effects of energy beverages on the body, and screening for underlying cardiovascular abnormalities in 12-year-olds (sixth graders), and steroid effects on the cardiovascular system.
Get Off Your Butt: Benefits of Standing Desks
The average desk worker spends almost six hours a day sitting at a desk.

The break from sitting is usually for a trip to the water cooler or the copier. Sitting all day for years at a job contributes to chronic diseases, like obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

A quick trip to the gym after work doesn’t balance out the hours of sitting. The commute home, also spent sitting, may even be just as long as that workout at the gym.

Standing desks get desk workers on their feet. Standing burns up to 50 more calories per hour than sitting. It activates the metabolism. Most importantly, standing makes movement easier. Staying active at your standing desk is more beneficial than just standing all day.

Dr. John Higgins joins host Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss the benefits of standing desks.