5 Must-Try Beauty Trends of 2015

From the Show: Wellness for Life
Summary: It's time to fight back against wrinkles and the signs of aging. Find out the hottest in beauty trends.
Air Date: 2/6/15
Duration: 10
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Sanjiv K. Saini, MD

sd0021"I am a big advocate of patient education. I feel that by educating our patients, we can help save their lives and their family and friend’s lives as well. Skin cancer is a serious thing and it affects all of us. The more we know about skin cancer the more lives we can save. I love being able to remove cancers and leave great results for each of my patients."

Dr. Saini’s extensive training includes George Washington University, Georgetown University Medical School and an internship in General Surgery at Washington Hospital Center. He then served for our Nation’s Air Force as a General Medicine Officer. Soon thereafter, he was promoted to Chief of Aerospace Medicine at the U.S. Air Force Clinic in Los Angeles. It was here that he was directly involved in the healthcare of manned space flight engineers and astronauts.

When Dr. Saini returned to the DC area, he completed his Dermatology residency at Howard University Hospital and then completed his fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery at the Burkes Farber Clinics in Kennar, LA. He became Board Certified by the American Board of Dermatology in 1991 and is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and, of course, the American Medical Association.

Since 1995, he’s been providing care for dermatology problems that his patients have in St. Mary’s and Anne Arundel Counties. Diagnosing hundreds of melanomas, Dr. Saini realized the need for a Surgery Center.

Dr. Saini began the South River Ambulatory Surgery Center in Edgewater in 2003. He went beyond just establishing this state of the art center by becoming Joint Commission Accredited. It’s here that he works to remove skin cancers and dermatological ailments for patients while maintaining strict regulations set forth by the Joint Commission.

Working within the community, Dr. Saini has been the Corresponding Dermatologist with the Washington Nationals’ Baseball organization for their annual skin cancer screenings for the players, staff, friends, family, and the fans. While teaching at some of the local universities, Dr. Saini has also participated in many of the community health fairs and events.
5 Must-Try Beauty Trends of 2015
Between amazing natural remedies and new technologies, Dr. Sanjiv Saini has you covered. 

“Beauty trends are not just about looking amazing, but also about getting there safely,” says Dr. Saini. “One of the trends this year will be to opt for safe measures as you seek that path toward being more beautiful, confident, and turning back the clock on aging.”

Tune in to find out more of what Dr. Saini, top dermatologist, recommends.

RadioMD Presents:Wellness for Life Radio | Original Air Date: Friday, February 6, 2015
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest: Sanjiv K. Saini, MD

Dr: Susanne: There are thousands of options out there to improve the look and feel of our skin. Most of us at a certain age want one thing, to reverse skin age. We want to look younger. My next guest is a board certified dermatologist, and he is here to share the top 5 ‘must try’ beauty trends of 2015. I can’t wait to hear them. Please welcome to the show Dr. Sanjiv Saini. Hello!

Dr: Saini: Hi, thank you so much for having me.

Dr: Susanne: Absolutely. I want to know these 5 must try beauty trends for the new year. Let’s start with number 1. What should we be doing?

Dr: Saini: One of the things is to peel away the past. If you’ve never had a gentle peel, like a glycolic acid peel, those are wonderful to take away dead skin from the surface and getting a refreshing glow. I’m a personal fan of those. Once or twice a year I’ll get a series of those. I get compliments everyday on how my skin glows and how nice it is.

Dr: Susanne: Can you use a weekly exfoliation formula? Can you do that too?

Dr: Saini: Yes you can, definitely. The thing with exfoliation is that it depends on the product, typically. That’s where I oftentimes recommend that someone comes in and let us guide them, either with my unknown (1:53) or with myself or one of my staff, so we can actually gear it around. It’s not just doing exfoliation; it’s also being on a good skin care regiment. I always tell people that the skin care regiment that you are on is the foundation of a pyramid. That foundation has to be really good. If you do exfoliation and you over-do it, then you can’t use certain creams that may benefit with the aging process.

Dr: Susanne: Good point. How about those rotary cleansing machines that everyone is starting to buy and talk about? You can get them CostCo these days. Do you recommend those units?

Dr: Saini: Yes, but do you know what fascinating? There’s a company that actually has a patent on the frequency. The ones that just spin in a circle, all they are doing is spinning in a circle. There is one, and I can’t mention the name right now, that has a patent on their technology. That actually does effectively clean out the skin.

Dr: Susanne: Doesn’t it use sonic waves?

Dr: Saini: Exactly. It’s brilliant. When you actually see the results from using it daily, it’s absolutely stunning. I mean, it really will make your skin glow.

Dr: Susanne: I’m so glad you say that. I use it myself, Dr. Saini. That’s great. I’m 52 this year and I do everything. This is my favorite subject. I even have a skincare company called Purigenex, just so I can help my own face. So tell me, what’s the next must try beauty trend in 2015?

Dr: Saini: The next one is using a low-irritant makeup product. The one we have is a mineral based product, and woman love it. Glo mineral makeup, I’ve had patients compliment on how it doesn’t irritate the skin. It doesn’t aggravate the aging process. Also avoiding eye-shadows that have sparkles in them. Often this time of year, on the East Coast, the weather tends to dry out. To avoid that crinkly look to the eyes, you want to avoid things that have those sparkles. Sparkles are fish-scale essence and mica. Underneath microscopes those things are actually little tiny razor blades, especially this time of year. I always recommend women go to matte finish makeup products.

Dr: Susanne: That’s a great tip. I am a true believer that too much makeup can actually destroy the skin, dry it out, and even possible hyper-pigment your skin. Do you think that’s possible with all the makeup you apply?

Dr: Saini: Absolutely. It’s interesting because some makeup products can aggravate acne. Sometimes, when I see patients that have this type of acne breaking out they may have been on a certain makeup product line for years. The biggest problem is that occurs so slowly and gradually woman may not connect that this is the product that’s aggravating the skin. With people that have very sensitive skin I always recommend hypo-allergenic, meaning low irritancy, with their makeup products. Also non-comedogenic, those are the two words to look for. Basically it means that it won’t irate the skin and it won’t clog up the pores.

Dr: Susanne: You know Dr. Saini, many years ago, when I was in high school, being a girl we all wanted to apply the makeup and eye shadow. I had a major wakeup call. My eyes swelled up and they were so itchy. I found out that it had to do with red dye in the makeup and eye shadows. A lot of people are allergic to that, aren’t they?

Dr: Saini: Yes. In fact, what you had is not very common, but it’s definitely heard of. It’s one thing to be very careful about. Knowing what can break someone out is one of the key things. Every time you get exposed, it can get worse.

Dr: Susanne: Absolutely. I was so gung-ho about it, I even blogged about it on my website. What I’ve found is that you’ll be surprised. Blues, I can’t wear blues or purples. These are all colors for young people; I wouldn’t wear them now anyway. They all have the red dye. You have to be careful and really read your labels. So what else? What’s the next trend we’ve got to remember?

Dr: Saini: The next one is avoiding invasive surgeries. The state-of-the-art with lasers and light-based technologies have dramatically improved over the last several decades. IPL (Intense Light Treatment) and lasers are slightly different, but basically they’re light-based treatments that can do everything from removing redness from the face to doing lines and wrinkles. Literally, we can go from where someone can walk out of the office after having one of these kinds of treatments with having no redness whatsoever and it can be done very gently.

Dr: Saini: If someone has very deep lines and wrinkles, the technology is so great with fractional lasers, someone can now have a treatment done and at worst they’re red for about a week. One or two sessions with this heavier laser can actually remove lines and wrinkles with minimal downtime. That’s so exiting. The technology for hair removal lasers is just stunning. These lasers can do a total body hair removal in less than an hour now. That’s how fast some of these lasers are. From the top all the way down, if someone wanted to get their total body done. These technologies are just stunning. I’m so excited about these now.

Dr: Susanne: That’s great. That’s a totally body makeover for sure. We only have 60 seconds for the last 2. If you could give them it would be awesome.

Dr: Saini: Sure, absolutely, the last 2. The latest trends and advances in fiber optic lasers. These can now be used through 3 tiny holes to tighten the neck in a way that nothing else can except for a facelift. It’s not as aggressive as a facelift. There is minimal downtime and it takes about an hour to do. These are the new technologies that are out there, with laser advancing so much.

Dr: Susanne: Thank you so much. This is great advice. You can do these without any downtime. For more information please visit my Wellness for Life Radio page at RadioMD. Until next time, this is Dr. Susanne sharing my natural strategies for ultimate health and wellness on RadioMD. Stay well, everyone.
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