Genomics, Nutrition & Your Kitchen

From the Show: Wellness for Life
Summary: Learn to heal your body, starting in your kitchen.
Air Date: 7/8/16
Duration: 10
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Amanda Archibald, RD
Amanda ArchibaldAmanda Archibald, RD, is uniquely trained as both analyst and nutritionist (RD). This skill set, combined with her culinary expertise, has enabled her to develop a new lens through which we can understand the food and health conversation.

Archibald has been involved in lecturing, teaching and producing state of the art experiential food and nutrition learning experiences for consumers and health professionals alike since 2003. Archibald continues to push the edge, teaming with culinary, nutrition and medical experts to produce culinary-focused educational tools and programs for Functional Nutrition Therapy, Genomic Medicine and Functional Medicine. Archibald introduced the concept of Culinary Genomics in the USA in May 2015. This pioneering work in food-gene-culinary cross-talk is a game-changer both in the fields of medicine and the culinary arts. Archibald’s work with Genomic Experts, Bobbi Kline, MD, and Joe Veltmann, PhD, recently received CME accreditation from the University of Virgina School of Medicine.
Genomics, Nutrition & Your Kitchen
Culinary Genomics represents a new frontier, fusing nutrition science, genomic medicine and the culinary arts. 

Built on a solid foundation of evidence-based nutrition and medical science, experts are uniquely positioned to embrace the potential of this discipline and change the lives of each and every patient.

Amanda Archibald, RD, joins Dr. Susanne to share her work with Culinary Genomics, how food influences the way our genes behave, and a list of foods that benefit your overall health and wellness.