When to Say When: Alcohol Consumption & Neurons

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Summary: Alcohol consumption can inhibit your ability to say no to that second drink.
Air Date: 8/19/16
Duration: 10
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Jun Wang, MD, PhD
Dr. Jun WangDr. Jun Wang has both M.D. and Ph.D. degrees.

He received his postdoctoral training the University of California at Berkeley and at San Francisco.

He joined the Texas A&M Health Science Center in 2013 at a Tenure-track Assistant Professor. His group studies alcohol use disorders using animal models.
When to Say When: Alcohol Consumption & Neurons
Your neurons activate and tell the brain when you should stop drinking.

However, habitual alcohol consumption reduces the effectiveness of these neurons. Your neurons are too exhausted to say no.

Unfortunately, you can’t grow new neurons. It is possible to reactivate neurons that have been deactivated by alcohol.

If you choose to drink, manage your alcohol intake. Don’t drink too much for too long. Maintain your ability to control your alcohol consumption. Exercise self-discipline and have a good time while taking care of your brain.

Listen in as Dr. Jun Wang joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to share new information on how alcohol affects your ability to say when.
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