Devastating Effects of Stress on Children

From the Show: Wellness for Life
Summary: Stress can be devastating to your child's health. Learn how to help your little one become more resilient.
Air Date: 10/21/16
Duration: 25:56
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Dr. Pete Sulack
Dr. Pete SulackDr. Pete Sulack is Founder of StressRX.com and Unhealthy Anonymous, the 12-step program to reducing and managing stress levels, as well as the majority owner of one of the largest clinics in North America.

His office has seen more than 1,000,000 patient visits over the last 13 years, validating his unique approach to health and wellness. Dr. Pete actively treats patients traveling from around the world seeking his services.

His studies on the effects of stress, coupled with testimonials from patients and attention in medical communities have garnered him the title of “America’s Leading Stress Expert.” He is a highly sought-after teacher, lecturer, and author.
  • Book Title: Unhealthy Anonymous
Devastating Effects of Stress on Children
We have more stress in one month today than the previous generation had in their entire lifetime.

There’s SO much technology and information. Our modern lifestyle is more sedentary than active.

Stress isn’t going to just go away. And, it's at the root of nearly all of the health issues we face. Thus, how you deal with that stress will determine how stress affects your health. By increasing your resiliency you can best stress and have a better life.

Stress & Children

Excessive stress can impair childhood development of the brain and body. It can have devastating effects on health and learning throughout a child’s lifetime.

Taking care of your child’s stress starts in the womb. Diet, exercise and hydration all shape your child’s health.

Stress shows no visible signs on your child’s body, so it’s important to teach good habits for dealing with stressors. Connect with your child. Encourage him to make choices that are beneficial instead of detrimental. These behaviors in young life will steer your child in adulthood.

Stress can manifest in nightmares or excessive excitability. Difficulty with eating and sleeping also indicate an overly stressed child.

Severity of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Adverse childhood experiences (ACE) occur in an environment of neglect, abuse or humiliation. This isn’t where a parent gets upset once or apologizes. Not making the baseball team is not an adverse childhood experience. Living with a depressed parent or someone with addiction can cause excessive stress. ACE can affect a child later in life, allowing the cells of the body to marinate in toxic inflammatory chemicals. Chronic disease needs inflammation to survive. Extreme stress can cultivate chronic disease.

The body needs to become accustomed to stress. Learning to handle it, making smart choices and removing toxicity can help you beat stress. Sleep and proper nutrition also improve the ability to handle everyday stressors.

Listen in as Dr. Pete Sulack shares how to increase your child’s resiliency to stress, as well as your own.