Decrease the Impact of Allergies

From the Show: Wellness for Life
Summary: Why are allergies more prevalent? What can you do to reduce the impact of allergies?
Air Date: 10/28/16
Duration: 22:34
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Alissa Segersten, Founder of Whole Life Nutrition
Ali SegerstenAli Segersten is a whole foods chef and cooking instructor, functional nutrition health coach, author, and mother of five children. She received her Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University in 2003. Then in 2004 she founded Whole Life Nutrition, a health and lifestyle company that offers functional medicine coaching, online programs, and health education for better living. In 2008, she began NourishingMeals.com, a blog where she shares nourishing gluten-free recipes for children and adults.

Ali is the author of the best-selling gluten-free, whole food-based cookbooks, The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook: A Complete Nutritional and Cooking Guide for Healthy Living, and Nourishing Meals: 365 Whole Foods, Allergy-Free Recipes for Healing Your Family One Meal at a Time. She is also the co-author ofThe Elimination Diet, a guidebook with over 125 recipes for reclaiming your health using the power of food. 

  • Book Title: Nourishing Meals: 365 Whole Foods, Allergy-Free Recipes for Healing Your Family One Meal at a Time
  • Guest Facebook Account: www.facebook.com/WholeLifeNutrition
  • Guest Twitter Account: @NourishingMeals
Decrease the Impact of Allergies
Allergies are more prevalent now than ever before. Why is that?

For one, there’s more antibiotic use for treating humans and in our food supply. Nutrient deficiencies also contribute to allergies.

Environmental toxins aggravate your immune system. Unhealthy gut flora can’t properly process nutrients in the food you eat. There is also a lack of fermented foods in the diet that help with gut health and immune system regulation.

Lack of breastfeeding is preventing antibodies being passed from mother to child. C-sections prevent babies from getting beneficial bacteria from the mother’s birth canal.  

All of these things contribute to the development of allergies.

Nothing changes the symptoms the body is experiencing faster than shifting what you eat and drink. Inflammatory conditions, including depression, are exacerbated by eating certain foods.

Eliminating common allergenic foods can help heal yourself and your family.

Look at your nutrient intake and the factors that disrupt your ability to process those nutrients. Reduce your toxic burden by eliminating dryer sheets, synthetic fragrances and air fresheners. Decreasing pesticides and processed foods will help you thrive. Consume a plant-rich diet. Spend time outside and let your children play in the dirt. Eat plenty of fiber.

Listen in as dietitian Ali Segersten shares what you can do to decrease the impact of allergies in your life.