Spore Form Probiotics

From the Show: Wellness for Life
Summary: Find out how spore form probiotics work.
Air Date: 7/21/17
Duration: 27:57
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Tom Bayne, DC
Dr. Tom BayneTom Bayne is a chiropractic physician who specializes in nutritional therapies and functional medicine. The focus of his practice and research is primarily around digestive health and detoxification.

His passion for holistic medicine led him to Europe, where he had executive roles at two top natural health companies. As international marketing director for one of Europe’s leading food supplement manufacturers, Dr. Bayne’s responsibilities included formulating supplements based on specific patient conditions, lecturing on his clinical experiences, research that supported natural medicines and developing educational materials for physicians and pharmacies.

He runs PureBalance Natural Family Healthcare in Glenview, IL, with his wife Ingrid, where the focus is on chronic digestive problems and autoimmune disease. Over the years, he has developed over 35 highly successful and effective products that are sold directly to physicians. His 20 years of clinical experience combined with his extensive knowledge in product development has led to the development of MegaSporeBiotic®.
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Spore Form Probiotics
Spore form probiotics describe bacteria that live in the spore state so they can survive harsh environments.

The gastrointestinal tract is pretty harsh, so spore form probiotics can survive digestive juices. They’re very robust.

When the spore form spends six minutes in the upper part of the small intestine, it changes state and sets to work with its probiotic qualities. Spores recondition the bowels.

There hasn’t been a successful introduction of new, healthy bacteria into the gut. You can’t change your native microbiome. Your best hope is to care for the gut garden you have. Help the resident bacteria multiply and thrive.

Listen as Dr. Tom Payne joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss how you can improve your gut microbiome.