The Truth About Diets: Paleo Eating & Beyond

From the Show: Wellness for Life
Summary: Which diet is actually right for your body and lifestyle?
Air Date: 11/17/17
Duration: 26:10
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Ben Weitz, DC
Dr. Ben WeitzDr. Ben Weitz is a Sports Chiropractor and Functional Nutritionist in Santa Monica, California for 29 years. He regularly works with professional athletes both with chiropractic and nutrition. 

Dr. Weitz published a paper in a peer reviewed journal on weight training injuries for bodybuilders and weight lifters in 1997 and he wrote a book on back problems, The Back Relief Book in 1998.  He is currently working on a book on anti-aging.

Dr. Weitz has a weekly podcast, the Rational Wellness podcast, on health and nutrition on both i-Tunes and YouTube. His nutritional practice has a focus on digestive disorders and preventing and reversing diabetes and heart disease risk.
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  • Guest Twitter Account: @WeitzSportChiro
The Truth About Diets: Paleo Eating & Beyond
It’s hard to determine which diet is right for you, especially when you are hammered with diet recommendations. It's no wonder you’re confused.

Let’s clear up the confusions with the paleo diet. 

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While it got a lot of people off of processed carbs, there are some odd ideas of what should comprise the paleo diet. Primitive man’s diet depended on where he lived and what food was accessible. Seal meat, whale blubber, nuts and cow blood were on the menu, relative to what could be found. The goals were preventing starvation and avoiding chronic disease. This diet isn’t for everyone. No diet is.

There are several factors built into our survival instincts to avoid starvation. 

  • We’re omnivores, so it’s easier for us to find food. Our bodies can process both meat and plants.
  • We can also create sweets to give us energy to forage. We can taste the sweetness in plants and know that we’ll have the fuel to make it another day.
  • We overeat so we don’t starve later. Our tribal instincts are to gorge ourselves and store fat, because primitive man didn’t have a refrigerator or canning equipment.
  • Inflammation used to help the body fight off infection.
Our lifestyle has changed. We have to change our eating habits.

The best diet for you includes a variety of foods that promote your best survival. A vegan diet may work for your best friend, but you may require animal protein so your hair doesn’t fall out. Lab testing will help determine the efficacy of your diet.

Listen as Dr. Ben Weitz joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to share how you can discover the right nutrition plan for your body.


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