Autoimmune Diseases: Triggers & Tests

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Summary: How does an autoimmune disease seem to appear overnight?
Air Date: 12/29/17
Duration: 25:49
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Mark R. Engelman, MD
Dr. Mark EngelmanMark R. Engelman, MD, is the Founder and President of the Engelman Health Institute. He is also a permanent Clinical Consultant for Cyrex Laboratories.

Dr. Engelman's medical record includes 23 years as the director of St. Joseph's Medical Center emergency department; a standby physician for two American Presidential administrations; President of the Maricopa County American Heart Association; Chief Physician for the Arizona Boxing Commission, Founder and CEO of AmeriMed American Hospitals in Mexico; and an expert speaker on emergency medicine both nationally and internationally.
Autoimmune Diseases: Triggers & Tests
Autoimmune disease is a disorder where your body attacks your own tissue. The prevalence for autoimmune disease is rising.

If you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, you’re probably wondering why you didn’t have it two years ago. What changed? Can it be turned around?

The most common trigger to autoimmunity is a pathogen. A bacteria, virus or mold can jump-start a condition. These pathogens hang around and their destruction causes collateral damage. Your body has antibodies that react five to ten years before you get the first symptom. Some autoimmune diseases don’t ever cause symptoms in some people.

Your immune system is worn down by stress, lack of sleep, toxins and processed foods. It’s harder for it to recover when it’s being taxed so heavily.

Listen as Dr. Mark Engelman joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to break down how autoimmune disorders are trigger and how to test for them.
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