The Neuroscience of Sensuality

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Summary: Learn more about how sensuality works.
Air Date: 10/19/18
Duration: 24:15
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Amanda Brown Testa
Amanda Brown TestaAmanda Testa is a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach and founder of Find Your Feminine Fire. Her methods bridge ancient tantric tools combined with the latest in neuroscience to help women reconnect to their bodies and their radiance.

Using these simple techniques her clients have more confidence, have a positive body image, feel more pleasure, take sex from a "to do" to something they look forward to, and enjoy better intimacy, harmony, and playfulness in their relationships.
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The Neuroscience of Sensuality
Many chronic diseases lead to low libido. This can result in intimacy issues. When faced with a chronic illness, the emotional connection resulting from sexual intimacy can be beneficial.

Sensuality is achieved through living in the moment. What are you feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting? Focus on the sensation you’re experiencing instead of worrying about your cell phone notifications.

Trauma can inhibit intimacy. Talk therapy or meditation may help address that trauma.

It’s best not to focus on the orgasm. Aim for feeling good and making a connection instead of achieving a specific goal in the bedroom.

Listen as Amanda Testa joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss how to improve intimacy.
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