The Fasting Mimicking Diet

From the Show: Wellness for Life
Summary: Fasting is a biological aging optimizer.
Air Date: 12/7/18
Duration: 28:02
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Joseph Antoun, MD
Dr. Joseph AntounDr. Joseph Antoun is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of L-Nutra, the leading fasting and fasting mimicking R&D and commercialization company. Dr. Antoun is also Chairman of the Board at the Global Healthspan Policy Institute (GHPI), Director of Health Policy at University of Chicago and former Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Health Systems Reform. 

Dr. Antoun’s work focuses on enhancing Public Health and Human Healthspan through advancing technologies that promote healthy aging and advocating for health policy reforms that support R&D, regulatory processes and increasing access to innovative Healthspan technologies.

Dr. Antoun has completed his studies in Health Policy at Harvard University, in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, and in Medicine and Biological Sciences at Saint Joseph University. 
The Fasting Mimicking Diet
Fasting is the hot topic in cutting edge health. It can disrupt chronic illnesses, reduce the effects of aging, and support weight loss.

As a species, humans used to manage eating as hunters. With food scarcity, we ate when food was available and fasted when it wasn’t. Those fasting periods had cells living off the fat. With greater food availability, this cycle of fasting and eating fell away. Now, we just eat.

Fasting balances the metabolism and helps people stay healthy. It pushes back the onset of chronic illnesses. Fasting leads to your body eating debris and dying cells so the healthy cells remain.

Listen as Dr. Joseph Antoun joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to explain how the fasting mimicking diet works.