Headaches: Triggers & Treatments

From the Show: Wellness for Life
Summary: What's causing your headaches?
Air Date: 2/15/19
Duration: 27:25
Host: Susanne Bennett, DC
Guest Bio: Milo Tarighi, DPT
Dr. Milo TarighiMilo Tarighi, DPT, is a Dallas native with a specialization in treating head and neck pain. As headaches are an underrated, yet highly prevalent health issue in our society and deserve more attention than they get, Dr. Tarighi hopes to help the people in the community live healthier lives through patient education, advocating physical activity, and providing skilled manual therapy.
Headaches: Triggers & Treatments
Headaches cause pain and other unwanted symptoms. Since headaches are subjective, treatment is often complex. Multiple types of treatment may be necessary to address the individual’s pain.

Headaches can be symptomatic of other issues within the body. Taking medication to treat a headache can cause a rebound headache. If you have to take anti-inflammatory medication more than twice a week, a rebound headache could be a culprit.

The thunderclap headache comes on quickly and is very severe. It manifests as severe neck stiffness within one minute. It’s often referred to by patients as “the worst headache of my life.” This is an emergency situation and care is required immediately. It is often related to serious nervous system issues.

Common Headache Triggers

  • dehydration
  • alcohol consumption
  • caffeine
  • temperature/barometric changes
  • bright lights
  • certain foods
Keep a headache diary to find your triggers and tailor your treatment.

Listen as Dr. Milo Tarighi joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss different types of headaches and natural treatments.