Hour 1: YOU The Owner's Manual Radio 10.18.14

Summary: Join Dr. Roizen and his expert guests for the latest health news, wellness advice and most up-to-date research from around the world.
Air Date: 10/18/14
Duration: 60
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: Brian Wansink, PhD
Brian Wansink, Ph.D. is a professor at Cornell University and the director of Cornell’s famed Food and Brand Lab, where he is a leading expert in eating behavior. He is the author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think as well as three professional books and over one hundred peer-reviewed journal articles. In 2007, he was presidentially appointed as the USDA executive director in charge of the Dietary Guidelines for 2010 and the Food Guide Pyramid (, and he was the president of the Society for Nutrition Education from 2011 to 2012. He lives with his family in Ithaca, New York, where he enjoys both French food and French fries.
  • Book Title: Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life
Hour 1: YOU The Owner's Manual Radio 10.18.14

World-renowned physician, Dr. Michael Roizen, MD, continues to update your understanding of the meaning of health by providing an in-depth review of the most impactful health headlines.

Joined by his co-host, Joe Galuski, they discuss the health news that matters most to you.

The duo is later joined by Dr. Brian Wansink, author of Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life.

Dr. Wansink's book is full of compelling insights about how we eat and practical ways to set up your kitchen and home.

For instance, did you know that a woman who leaves a cereal box on her counter weighs about 21 pounds more than her neighbor who doesn't?

That's why you should keep your cereal in a cabinet.

Learn how to work with your human nature, not against it, to get where you want to be.

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