The Real Heart Healers

Summary: James Forrester, MD, shares the fascinating, real stories behind the major milestones in heart medicine.
Air Date: 11/7/15
Duration: 60
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: James S. Forrester, MD
ForresterJames S. Forrester, MD, is the George Burns and Gracie Allen Emeritus Professor of Cardiology, former Chief of Cardiology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles, and Professor of Medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine. 

Early in his career he developed a bedside way of treating heart attack patients, called the Forrester classification, which revolutionized the care of critically ill patients. Later he developed an approach to diagnostic heart tests, called the Diamond-Forrester method, which is used worldwide in cardiology. 

He has served as mentor to several hundred cardiologists, a number of whom became international leaders in heart disease. 

He has published over 400 full-length scientific manuscripts, been an invited visiting professor at many of the nation's leading medical universities, and given a thousand national and international cardiovascular lectures. 

He is the second-ever recipient of the 40,000 member American College of Cardiology's Lifetime Achievement Award, its highest honor.
  • Book Title: THE HEART HEALERS: The Misfits, Mavericks and Rebels Who Created the Greatest Medical Breakthrough of Our Lives
The Real Heart Healers
Over 25 million Americans have heart disease, and not too long ago, that would have been a sure death sentence. 

While it's still a leading cause of death, more lives are being saved than ever before. 

That's thanks to doctors like James Forrester, MD. 

Tune in and hear from Dr. Forrester about all the fascinating, real stories behind the major milestones in heart medicine. 

His new book, The Heart Healers, describes the amazing misfits, mavericks and rebels who created the greatest medical breakthrough of our lives.

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