How to Overcome Shock & Trauma

Summary: Everyone goes through shock at some point in their lives, but how do you overcome it?
Air Date: 1/16/16
Duration: 60
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: Diane Zimberoff, LMFT & David Hartman, LICSW
image1 2Diane Zimberoff, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, with clinical specialties in addiction recovery, stress-related illness, and codependency. She is the cofounder and director of training at The Wellness Institute, one of the oldest and most respected providers of hypnotherapy certification and hypnosis training.

David Hartman, LICSW, is a clinical social worker, specializing in trauma resolution and the use of altered states of consciousness for healing and spiritual growth. For 20 years he has trained mental health professionals in heart-centered hypnotherapy throughout the United States and in Kuwait, Taiwan, Mexico, South Africa, and Denmark. He is the cofounder of The Wellness Institute.

They both live in Issaquah, Washington.
  • Book Title: Overcoming Shock: Healing the Traumatized Mind and Heart
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  • Guest Twitter Account: @TheWellness
How to Overcome Shock & Trauma

Everyone goes through it at some point in their lives. 

It can be from the sudden loss of a loved one, being diagnosed with a serious illness, or discovering that your partner is having an affair. 

These traumatic events take a toll on your mind and body, which is why you can have both emotional and physical reactions long after the event. 

Authors of Overcoming Shock, Diane Zimberoff, LMFT, and David Hartman, LICSW, join Dr. Roizen to discuss the profound effect shock has on your life... and proven tools you can use to overcome it.

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