EP 830B Best Activity to Live Longer

Summary: This surprising activity could slash your risk of Alzheimer's by 76 percent.
Air Date: 3/21/17
Duration: 18:15
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: Robin Miller, MD, MHS & David Es. Kahn, MS, CPT
Robin-MillerRobin Miller, MD, MHS, became interested in integrative medicine more than 25 years ago when she began her medical practice in Medford, OR. The pressures and financial limitations of traditional medicine often didn’t allow her to spend the time and resources she wanted to with her patients. She strongly believes that traditional medicine is important for good health, but she also believes in the benefits of complementary therapies.

In 2003, Dr. Miller received her fellowship in integrative medicine from the acclaimed University of Arizona and began the process of opening Triune Integrative Medicine in 2006. Her practice aims to determine the best care for patients that promotes healing and wellness. This could involve conventional and or complementary medicine based on patients’ needs and belief systems.

David-KahnDave Kahn is a graduate of UCLA and holds a master’s degree from USC. He has taught English for UCLA’s Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars, as a volunteer in the US Peace Corps and for Los Angeles Unified School District. He currently teaches at Rogue Community College in Southern Oregon. Dave also is a nationally ranked competitive swing dancer. He has been teaching dance in Oregon for well-over a decade, and he is Director of Southern Oregon Swing, which produces the regional SOswing Newsletter and hosts the SOswing Convention, its annual event that brings dancers together from across the country. In addition, his experience and accomplishments in the field of physical fitness as a certified personal trainer and record-holding power-lifter uniquely qualify him to offer the insight of the common-sense, doable weight-loss and fitness solutions offered in this book, the groundbreaking Undiet.
EP 830B Best Activity to Live Longer
This surprising activity could slash your risk of Alzheimer's by 76 percent.

No, it's not doing crossword puzzles, golfing or swimming. It's dancing!

Co-authors of Healed! Health & Wellness for the 21st Century: Wisdom, Secrets, and Fun Straight from the Leading Edge, Dr. Robin Miller and David Kahn, explain how cutting a rug can help boost your brain and prevent memory issues.

Plus, tune in to find out Dr. Miller's secret weapon for having awesome sex as you get older and how an "undiet" can lead to more successful weight loss than a restrictive crash diet.
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