EP 861 Life After a Heart Transplant

Summary: Bob Mitchell was only in his 40s when he found out more than half of his heart was scar tissue and he would need a heart transplant.
Air Date: 10/24/17
Duration: 22:35
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: Bob Mitchell, Author
bob mitchellBob Mitchell’s memoir Time for a Heart-to-Heart is a reflection of his remarkably eclectic life experience.

He has been a sports fanatic since birth and is also passionate about art, music, world literature, travel, food and wine, and dogs. He is the author of 11 published books, including a volume of essays, a collection of poems, five nonfiction books, and three novels about sports and the meaning of life.

Bob studied at Williams, Columbia, and Harvard, where he received a PhD in French and Comparative Literature. He has had careers as a university French professor (Harvard, Purdue, Ohio State), a teaching tennis pro, an award-winning advertising creative director, a teacher of advertising and creative writing (New York, Paris, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem), and a novelist and has lived in seven states as well as Paris, Brittany, Angers, Besançon, London, Florence, Stockholm, Montreal, and Tel Aviv.

He resides in Carlsbad, CA, with his wife, artist Susan Love.
  • Book Title: Time for a Heart-to-Heart
EP 861 Life After a Heart Transplant
Bob Mitchell was only in his 40s when he found out more than half of his heart was scar tissue. He suffered three near-fatal episodes of ventricular tachycardia and needed a heart transplant.

While waiting for the transplant, doctors discovered cancer in his kidney, which would also require a transplant.

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He was in good shape and ate a healthy diet, so how could this happen?

Mitchell shares his story in his book Time for a Heart to Heart: Reflections on Life in the Face of Death. He reveals how receiving two organ transplants has affected his outlook on life and how heart disease can strike anyone... no matter their lifestyle.

Listen in to hear Mitchell and Dr. Roizen discuss the best ways to bounce back from serious medical procedures.

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