EP 905B The Latest Food Trends

Summary: Learn the latest food crazes and trends displayed at The Annual Summer Fancy Food Show in New York.
Air Date: 8/28/18
Duration: 26:36
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: Jonathan Deutsch, PhD
Jonathan Deutsch, PhD, is Professor of Culinary Arts and Food Science at Drexel University. Before moving to Drexel, Professor Deutsch built the culinary arts program at Kingsborough Community College, City University of New York (CUNY) and the PhD concentration in food studies at the CUNY Graduate Center. At Drexel, he oversees the Drexel Food Lab, a student-driven product development and food innovation lab focused on solving real world problems for industry and good food projects.

He is the author or editor of six books including Barbecue: A Global History (with Megan Elias), Culinary Improvisation, and Gastropolis: Food and Culture in New York City (with Annie Hauck-Lawson) and numerous articles in journals of food studies, public health and hospitality education. He earned his PhD in Food Studies and Food Management from New York University (2004), his culinary degree from the Culinary Institute of America (AOS, Culinary Arts, 1997), and is an alumnus of Drexel University (BS, Hospitality Management, 1999).

A classically trained chef, Deutsch worked in a variety of settings including product development, and small luxury inns and restaurants. When not in the kitchen, he can be found behind his tuba.
    EP 905B The Latest Food Trends
    Which new foods can you expect to see in your grocery store soon?

    Jonathan Deutsch, a professor at Drexel University's Department of Nutrition Sciences, gives listeners a roundup of the latest food crazes and trends displayed at The Annual Summer Fancy Food Show in New York.

    Find out what environmentally friendly "upcycled" foods are, and if they're safe to eat. Plus, get the lowdown on cannabis cuisine, and what health benefits can come from cannabinoid infusions.

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