EP 960B - Secondhand Drinking

Summary: The "secondhand effect" isn't limited to just tobacco use.
Air Date: 10/1/19
Duration: 17:56
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: Katherine (Kate) Karriker-Jaffe, PhD
Dr. Katherine (Kate) Karriker-Jaffe is a Senior Scientist at the Public Health Institute’s Alcohol Research Group. Her work focuses on how social relationships (including family and friends) and places where people live and work contribute to alcohol and other drug use, misuse, social consequences and addiction, with an emphasis on racial/ethnic and other health inequities. She takes a multilevel, socio-ecological perspective to understanding and explaining disparities in alcohol and drug outcomes, focusing on groups for whom and process through which  alcohol and drug problems are created.
EP 960B - Secondhand Drinking
We've all heard of secondhand smoke and how damaging it can be to those who are exposed.

The "secondhand effect" isn't limited to just tobacco use. According to a a research project titled "Alcohol’s Harms to Others Among U.S. Adults: Individual and Contextual Effects," led by Katherine Karriker-Jaffe and Thomas K. Greenfield, being exposed to someone who has been drinking also has negative consequences.

Some of those consequences include financial problems, property damage/vandalism, physical harm/aggression, harassment, and driving-related harm. The negative effects might result from a one-time incidence with a stranger or repeated harm within a family unit. Children are especially at risk for experiencing long-term harm if they are routinely victims of secondhand drinking. 

Listen as Dr. Karriker-Jaffe joins Dr. Roizen to discuss the study and its findings.

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