EP 986B - Half the Sugar, All the Love

Summary: Learn how you can create healthier options for your entire family.
Air Date: 4/7/20
Duration: 31:01
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: Jennifer Tyler Lee, Author
Jennifer Tyler Lee is an award-winning author, game creator, self-trained home cook, and healthy eating advocate. Her innovative and delicious low-sugar recipes show that quitting sugar doesn’t mean giving up the foods you love—the trick is to sweeten them naturally with fruits and vegetables instead of added sugar.

Jennifer’s first book, The 52 New Foods Challenge, was nominated for an IACP Cookbook Award. Her nutrition game, Crunch a Color®: The Healthy Eating Game, was named one of Dr. Toy’s “10 Best” Children’s Products and received the Parent-Tested Parent-Approved seal of approval.

Jennifer’s easy, healthy recipes have been spotlighted by Jessica Alba, Jamie Oliver, Michael Pollan, Oprah, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn Kids, Whole Foods, Parents Magazine, and US Weekly, among many others. She’s a featured contributor at Red Tricycle.

She shares her recipes each week at
  • Book Title: Half the Sugar All the Love
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  • Guest Twitter Account: @jtylerlee
EP 986B - Half the Sugar, All the Love
Our children are consuming three times the recommended daily allowance of sugar. 

This puts them at an unprecedented risk for type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, excess weight, and even nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Instead of putting your kids on a complete sugar detox, there are ways to use naturally-occurring sugars in fruits and vegetables to create recipes that still give a sense of "sweetness."

Jennifer Tyler Lee's new book, Half the Sugar, All the Love, is here to help, with 100 doctor-approved recipes that cut the sugar (by half—or more) without sacrificing the flavors our families love. 

Listen in to learn how you can create healthier options for your entire family. Lee also reveals some of the foods where extra sugar is hidden -- even things like tomato soup.

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